Integrated Business Solutions (What Can Your Website do For You?)

What Can Your Website do For You?

Well, it can do quite a lot more than just serve up a brochure or act as your sales converter. It can integrate with your accounts package, provide your customer management information to external staff, provide your warehousing, stock control and logistics information. In short, your website can more or less run the more mundane everyday aspects of your business.

Web design in Devon and Cornwall

After we had built a sales portal for Saharan Exploration Ltd, the directors contacted us with a rather unusual request.

Could we build them a system that would track the position of their expeditions in real time and provide a log of where they had been?

We used small netbooks mounted in their landrovers using some very basic mapping software linked to a GPS which collected data and a Satellite phone which then sent an hourly text message to a website, which in turn displayed the location using Google maps. This information could then either published live to the internet on their website or used solely in house.

This provided both vital safety information for the client regarding their location in the Sahara as well as storing route information to be used at a later date. High scale data GPS tracking data was also collected with the vehicles which could then be downloaded and overlaid onto a digital map and used for further navigation and planning in the field.


Web design in Devon and Cornwall

E-Commerce, Order Management and Stock Control Systems

It's one thing to have an website selling your goods online, but its another to have a website that takes the weight off your workload. We can create a bespoke back room solution that can help manage your clients and orders, lets you know when you have to restock and provides picking lists and sales accounts automatically.

  • Customer Management
  • Order Processing
  • Automated picking Lists
  • Stock inventory
  • Order Status
  • Order Allocation
  • Dispatch Tracking
  • Stock re-order thresholds
  • Out of stock / re-order notifications
  • Accounts Integration
  • Data Export

If you have an idea about how you could streamline your online sales or if your business systems don't quite fit with your existing site, we would be happy to discuss your requirements and provide a solution.

WBIS (web based information systems)

Our internal systems are designed with just one objective in mind, to make your life easier. We can work with your existing databases and servers to add new features or we can create something from scratch. With modern GSM mobile connections we can create systems that are accessible securely from anywhere in the world, giving your staff the flexibility and confidence to work productively from just about anywhere.

  • Customer management
  • Employee records
  • Order history
  • Job notes
  • Works management
  • Document libraries
  • Project management

Whatever your business, a well designed WBIS (web based information system) will free up time and help to streamline your business

Mapping services - GIS

We have years of experience creating web based mapping systems for Google Maps, MapQuest and Bing Maps. On one hand these can be used in conjunction with a GPS to create real time tracking and surveying / data collection or on the other hand they can be used as a search interface or visual representation of spatial or environmental information on a website.

  • Data Collection
  • Tracking systems
  • Cataloguing

We can build you a system that is easy to use and above all reliable. If you need a system to track an expedition crossing the Sahara (Yup, we have done that!) or catalogue street furniture on a PDA for your local highways department, you can be assured that we will deliver an easy to use, expandable and robust system.

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